Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jodi. I trust the science behind reward-based training.

The scientific community has discovered a lot about how animals learn best in the last few decades and the conclusion that continues to be drawn time and time again is that reward-based training methods yield the most desired all-around outcomes for not only our dogs, but for us too. Consistently outperforming other more adversarial types of training, owners report reliable obedience without the negative side effects that often arise when aversives are used in training. Reward-based training has been heralded as the safest, most humane, and welfare focused approach to working with an animal of any size (think lions and tigers and bears, oh my!).

Because reward-based methods are associated with higher levels of obedience  and  fewer problematic  behaviours, we  suggest that their use  is a  more  effective and  welfare-compatible alternative to [physical or verbal] punishment for the average dog owner.


(Hiby, Rooney, Bradshaw, 2004).

Am I the right trainer for you?

My knowledge and skills in dog training and behaviour have been obtained via first class industry education and hands-on experience. I possess multiple certifications that attest to my passion for proficient reward-based training. I am a graduate of Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, with a Certificate in Training & Counseling (CTC). This is regarded as one of the most rigorous programs for trainers in the world. I adhere to the Academy’s Code of Conduct, which you can find here.

I specialize in expertly designed puppy development programs built to support you and your puppy right from the start. A solid foundation of reward-based learning and safe social exposure during this critical and exceptionally fleeting time is key to raising up the pup you have into the dog you want. My programs are packed with counseling and training that serves to help prevent issues from arising in adulthood. Approachability, kindness, and enjoyment is at the heart of how I operate with canine companions and their people.

I am a skilled coach that will help you achieve your goals for Fido whether the need is for basic manners, or modification of common or complex behaviour concerns. Training can and should be fun for everyone without adding stress or sacrificing results. As a modern dog trainer, I do not employ the use of pain, fear, or intimidation in my training methods. I do not support the use of tools such as shock collars (or e-collars), prong collars, or choke chains.


For decades dominance theory has been misinterpreted and wrongly applied to training companion dogs (link). Current scientific data have recanted the 1960s findings that lead to it's popularization and yet the method is still being used. In fact, one of the most well-known scientists to study both captive and free-ranging behaviour in gray wolves that contributed to the “alpha theory” gaining strong traction, David Mech, has discussed how his published findings were later found to be inaccurate (link). Based on the outcomes provided by studies in both the gray wolf and canine fields over the past 30-40 years it is clear that humans should not be applying either of these theories to train dogs (link).

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