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Advanced Manners & 
Good Habits Program

For graduates of the Basic Manners & Good Habits Program (or a similar program) who wish to take Fido’s basic behaviour skills to the next level with increased focus and reliability.

Advanced Manners & Good Habits Program

Training programs covering all the key skills help create a great foundation for you and Fido; but being able to put those skills to use in the real world is what you really want, right?!

Clients who have previously taken the Basic Manners & Good Habits Program are automatically eligible to register for this program.

Those who have not taken Raising Fido Dog Training's Basic Manners & Good Habits Program, but have taken a similar foundation level reward-based class that covered the same skills can gain access to this program following an Initial Consult to confirm skills are of an appropriate level to succeed in this program. Please get in touch to book an Initial Consult if this is you!


Payment plans are available. Please inquire if desired!

1-2-1 Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Let's train Fido together! 

4 sessions = $525 

6 sessions = $790

8 sessions = $1025

*prices include GST

Day Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Jodi trains and transfers to you.

4 sessions + 1 transfer session = $660

5 sessions + 2 transfer session = $920

*prices include GST

Online Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Jodi coaches you and Fido virtually. 

4 sessions = $485 

6 sessions = $710

8 sessions = $940

*prices include GST

Additional Dog Policy: Additional fee of $25 (+gst) per appointment applies for a second dog. Max 2 dogs per session with time split between the two if their training plans differ.


Travel Fee Policy: 60KM round trip from the community of Citadel in NW Calgary is included for all services; $0.50 cents (+gst) per kilometre driven in excess will apply each trip.

Please review our Terms & Conditions before booking.