Dog Socialization

Help Fido Be Comfortable Around Other Dogs

For adolescent dogs between the ages of 5 and 24 months at the time of booking. Bring your fido in for safe socialization with other dogs that are of a similar age and size.


Beyond Early Socialization

Puppies are especially impressionable in their first few months, which is why it’s best to introduce fido to new experiences and situations early on. However, continued socialization through your dog’s first two years of life has several benefits. Unsocialized dogs can be prone to more problematic behaviours such as aggression and anxiety. Dog socialization can curb these issues and lead to a happier and healthier fido. 


The Benefits of Dog Socialization

Improves Confidence

Socialization helps dogs develop the ability to navigate the world with confidence, and confident dogs are less stressed, happier and healthier overall.  

Provides Exercise

Exercise is good for your dog’s physical and mental health. Regular exercise can prevent obesity and curb other habits such as excessive licking, barking, and chewing.     

Encourages Positive


At Raising Fido, our adolescent socials are for dogs who have completed the Essential Life Skills Level 1 training and provide an opportunity for them to practice and apply these skills. 


Let’s Raise Your Fido Together

Dog socialization in Calgary is fun and affordable for all pets and parents!

Come To Our Next Adolescent Social

Bring your adolescent fido to our next social! Whether your dog is a previous graduate of Essential Life Skills training with Raising Fido or currently enrolled in the course, adolescent socials help to reinforce the positive behaviours taught during training. They also provide an opportunity for play, exercise and social interaction all within a safe and supervised environment. 

We separate dogs that may be shy or have more anxiety from the dogs that are outgoing and have already had practice with socialization. All adolescent socials are 45-minute sessions for dogs between 5 and 24 months. 


Shy Adolescent Social

$10 Drop-In

  • Dogs will engage in trainer-supervised group play and basic training exercises 

  • For dogs with little to no exposure to other animals 

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Limited to 8 dogs per session 

  • Available on Mondays & Fridays

Outgoing Adolescent Social

$10 Drop-In​

  • Puppies will engage in trainer-supervised group play and some basic training exercises

  • For dogs that are outgoing and used to other animals

  • 45-minute sessions 

  • Limited to 6 dogs per session

  • Available on Wednesdays & Saturdays

**NOTE: Adolescent socials are only available to dogs currently enrolled in a Basic Life Skills program or previous graduates of Basic Life Skills

Please review our Terms & Conditions before booking.

Dog Socialization With Raising Fido 

Our socials are led by an experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer. Too often, dogs develop problematic habits and behaviours when their training and development are not supported throughout the teen months. At Raising Fido, we recognize the gap that exists for many dog owners, so we’ve made it our goal to offer the best support possible through the transitional period between puppy and adult.  

Our trainers are backed by years of formal education, experience and certifications. We want to see you and your fido be successful and happy. Register for the next adolescent social today!


Client Testimonials

dog obedience classes calgary

I am very choosy about my dog's care, and I felt very confident leaving my 2 dogs in Jodi's capable hands for in-home dog-sitting. The dogs were happy and relaxed when we returned, and she kept us posted about their activities and behavior. I especially appreciate her knowledge about dog behavior and training, and know that we can trust her judgement relating to the dogs, which is super important to us.

Cheryl W.

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Why are there no socials for older dogs?

It is possible to socialize an older dog, but a puppy’s peak age for socialization is between 3 - 24 months. Once dogs reach adulthood, they are less motivated by play and are more experienced. At Raising Fido, we focus on puppy training and socialization, providing support through your dog’s adolescent years. 

Can I come to more than one class?

You’re welcome to come to as many of our adolescent socials as you’d like (maximum of one per day) until your dog is 2 years of age (24 months). Your dog must be currently enrolled in or a previous graduate of our Essential Life Skills training. You must reserve a spot in advance for each session you wish to participate in. A fee will be applied for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Will my dog be safe during a social?

The number of dogs changes from session to session. Shy adolescent socials are capped at 8 dogs per session with a minimum of 4. Outgoing adolescents can be a bit more of a handful, so those socials are capped at 6 with a minimum of 4.  

What happens at a puppy social?

Adolescent socials include 45-minutes of supervised play and encouraged interaction between dogs as well as some structured training time with a certified dog trainer. 

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