Puppy Socialization

Help Fido Be Comfortable Around Other Puppies

For puppies 20 weeks & under at the time of booking. Bring your puppy in for safe socialization with other dogs that are a similar age and size.


Puppies Love to Be Social

It is the position of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour that the standard of care for puppies includes enjoyable exposure to as many new experiences, environments, people, objects, sounds, surfaces, and other animals as can be safely achieved. Our weekly puppy socials offer the ideal opportunity for your puppy to interact, meet, and play with other dogs.


The Benefits of Puppy Socialization

Increases Confidence

It’s healthy for puppies to overcome the fear and anxiety of new experiences. Puppy socials help to decrease stress and allow pups to become confident, friendly, and happy. 

Provides Exercise

Puppies have a ton of energy! Our puppy socials allow your little fido to get the exercise they need, even if they aren’t ready for walks or leash training. 

TeachesLife Skills

At Raising Fido, we provide a space for your puppy to learn positive behaviours from other dogs and how to navigate social situations in a controlled setting.


Let’s Raise Your Fido Together

Puppy socialization in Calgary is fun and affordable for all pets and parents!

Come To Our Next Puppy Social

At Raising Fido, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind program for new pet parents looking for help with puppy socialization in Calgary. You may be perfectly content to be your puppy's only snuggle buddy, but the truth is, dogs are pack animals, and they thrive in social settings.

We offer puppy socialization classes several times a week to give your baby fido plenty of time to meet other dogs and learn the basics of social interaction in a controlled setting.


Small Puppy Social

$10 Drop-In

$149 Unlimited

  • Puppies will engage in trainer-supervised group play and some basic training exercises

  • For small breeds and all puppies under 12 weeks 

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Limited to 12 dogs per session

  • Available on Mondays, Friday & Saturdays

Med-Large Puppy Social 

$10 Drop-In​

$149 Unlimited

  • Puppies will engage in trainer-supervised group play and some basic training exercises

  • For puppies between 12-20 weeks

  • 45-minute sessions 

  • Limited to 8 dogs per session

  • Available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays

Mixed Puppy Social

$10 Drop-In

$149 Unlimited

  • Puppies will engage in trainer-supervised group play and some basic training exercises

  • For small and large breed puppies under 20 weeks

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Limited to 12 dogs per session 

  • Available on Mondays, Friday & Saturdays

Please review our Terms & Conditions before booking.

Puppy Socialization With Raising Fido

Puppy socials at Raising Fido are led by experienced and knowledgeable dog trainers. We recognize that puppy training can be a stressful time for owners during the first few weeks, but healthy puppy socialization can make a significant impact on behaviours such as separation anxiety, running away, and aggression. Socializing your puppy during the early developmental stages will help frame the way they interact with you, their environment, other people, and fellow fidos. 

We know that leaving your fur baby can be scary, but we are backed by years of training, formal education, and certifications, and our facility has been specifically designed with the puppies like yours in mind! Register today for our next puppy social - your fido will thank you!

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Client Testimonials

dog obedience classes calgary

I am very choosy about my dog's care, and I felt very confident leaving my 2 dogs in Jodi's capable hands for in-home dog-sitting. The dogs were happy and relaxed when we returned, and she kept us posted about their activities and behavior. I especially appreciate her knowledge about dog behavior and training, and know that we can trust her judgement relating to the dogs, which is super important to us.

Cheryl W.

Let's Get Started!


How many dogs will be in each socialization session?

The exact number of participants may change from session to session. However, we cap registrations at 12 puppies for the Small Puppy Socials and the Mixed Puppy Socials and 8 puppies for the Med-Large Puppy Socials. All socials require a minimum of 4 registrations to proceed. 

Can I come to more than one class?

Of course! Our socials are designed to offer regular socialization exposure for your puppy. You can purchase an unlimited puppy social pass for $149. The unlimited pass grants access to one social per day until your dog reaches 20 weeks of age. You must reserve a spot in advance for each session you wish to partiicapte in. A fee will be applied for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Will my dog be safe during a social?

Yes, of course! All puppies undergo a screening process before being admitted to a puppy social to ensure they are fit to be around other dogs. All puppy socials take place under the close supervision of a certified dog trainer. 

What happens at a puppy social?

Puppy socials include 45-minutes of supervised play and encouraged interaction between puppies as well as some structured training time with a certified dog trainer. 

Can I stay at the facility during the puppy social?

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