Raise Fido The Right Way

With Rewards-Based Puppy Training in Calgary for Essential Life Skills

For puppies 16 weeks & under at the time of booking. Get help with safe puppy socialization and start training with the option of up to 12 different foundation skills.


Reinforce Positive Behaviours

New habits start forming the first day your new puppy comes home, and this developmentally critical time is done before you know it. Being proactive and efficient with your time and energy from day one will help Fido build good habits. Through Raising Fido Dog Training's puppy training programs, we'll start shaping your young pup's mind in ways that will safely decrease the likelihood of encountering challenging behaviours in adulthood. It's never too early to start!


Why Reward-Based Puppy Training Is Essential For Your New Best Friend

Builds Communication

& Trust

You and your puppy are just getting to know each other. By setting up an environment that encourages desirable behaviours and providing consistent feedback via rewards, your pup will feel safe and secure in their new home.

Establishes Healthy

Behaviour Development 

Fido will more easily figure out ways to get what they want when there is no use of any scary or painful tactics. This then primes them and keeps them excited to continue training and learning new skills as they grow.

Teaches Your

Puppy Life Skills

The first few months of puppyhood are incredibly important to their development and cultivating a trusting relationship with you. They are making up their minds during this time about what is safe and what is dangerous in their world.


Confidence & Sociability 

When we make good things happen around new people, places, objects, and other animals, we increase Fido's chances of liking all those things. Indifference is often a sign of insecurity, so we want your dog to love as many things as possible.


Let’s Raise Your Fido Together

Puppy training in Calgary has never been more enjoyable with Raising Fido Dog Training on your side!

What to Expect From Puppy Training for Essential Life Skills

Puppy training in Calgary has never been simpler to arrange. Raising Fido Dog Training will provide recommendations for the most suitable training program following the completion of our initial consultation. This plan will be completely personalized, incorporating all elements of your unique situation to ensure all needs are recognized and met.


Initial consultations are 60-90 minutes in length and can be performed either online or in person. The consultation must be paid for in advance of the appointment. Once a recommended training program is established following the initial consultation, we will send a second invoice for the outstanding balance of your designated program. The prices listed do include GST.


​Payment plans are available. Please inquire if desired!


  • Complete assessment with you and baby fido

  • Socialization instructions and demonstrations

  • Information on rewards-based training methods

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Management strategies for inside and outside the home

  • Enrichment and exercise guidance

  • Training plans to follow for housetraining, body handling, mouthing, chewing, and kennel training 

  • Prevention exercises for common behaviour problems

  • Safe socialization adventures

  • Email support throughout the duration of the program

  • Training plans for your choice of all these Foundation Behaviour Skills: Name Attention, Sit, Down, Bed/Mat, Stay, Wait, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Drop It, Touch, Recall, and Body Handling


1-2-1 Training Program 

Let's train Fido together.

Initial consult + 3 sessions = $525 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions = $790

Initial consult + 7 sessions = $1025

Initial consult + 9 sessions = $1250

*all prices include GST

Day Training Program

Jodi trains and transfers to you.

Initial consult + 3 sessions + 1 transfer session = $660 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions + 1 transfer session = $920

Initial consult + 6 sessions + 2 transfer session = $1150

Initial consult + 8 sessions + 2 transfer session = $1375

*all prices include GST

Online Training Program

Jodi coaches you and Fido virtually. 

Initial consult + 3 sessions = $485 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions = $710

*all prices include GST

Add Husbandry Training

Nail Clipping - $125 (+gst)

Teeth Brushing - $125 (+gst)

Coat Brushing - $75 (+gst)

Vet Exam Handling - $125 (+gst)

Additional Dog Policy: Additional fee of $25 (+gst) per appointment applies for a second dog. Max 2 dogs per session with time split between the two if their training plans differ.


Travel Fee Policy: 60KM round trip from the community of Citadel in NW Calgary is included for all services; $0.50 cents (+gst) per kilometre driven in excess will apply each trip.

Please review our Terms & Conditions before booking.

Trust Calgary's Leading Puppy Trainer

Dog trainers in Calgary can help ensure you are set up for success on your puppy journey. Puppies, in particular, are incredibly vulnerable during their early developmental stages, and their experiences will determine the way in which they interact with the world going forward. Therefore, choosing a local trainer who is educated and experienced with the current best practices can make all the difference. 


While the dog training industry isn't regulated, Raising Fido Dog Training holds a higher standard.  That's why we have years of training, formal credible education, respected certifications, and experience to back up our practices, rather than simply relying on outdated information, intuition, or otherwise. Your dog's well-being shouldn't be left up to anyone other than a true professional.

  • Receive in-depth knowledge about dog behaviour

  • Get prepared for your pup's arrival with advice and personalized plans

  • Establish healthy patterns and skills for your dog

  • Learn best practice solutions to change behaviour

  • Leave each session feeling confident with all of your questions and concerns answered

Client Testimonials

dog obedience classes calgary

I am very choosy about my dog's care, and I felt very confident leaving my 2 dogs in Jodi's capable hands for in-home dog-sitting. The dogs were happy and relaxed when we returned, and she kept us posted about their activities and behavior. I especially appreciate her knowledge about dog behavior and training, and know that we can trust her judgement relating to the dogs, which is super important to us.

Cheryl W.

It’s More Than Dog Training - It’s Personal


What training methods do you use?

Raising Fido Dog Training uses modern reward-based training that is scientifically supported. This means our programs are free of any fear, intimidation, or forceful compulsion tactics. Our methods do not include physical corrections or physical or verbal violence.

Where does training take place?

We offer private and personalized puppy classes in Calgary and the surrounding areas (subject to a travel fee for mileage). Most classes take place at our clients' home; however, we may choose to meet at a secondary location if the lesson necessitates it.

How long does a training program take?

As each pup is unique, we are unable to provide a set amount of time prior to the initial consultation. We work collaboratively with our clients to create a customized plan, during which we will suggest a more specific timeline.

How do I know which training program is right for my puppy and me?

By exploring our website, you may first get a better sense of which programs will best benefit your Fido. However, our initial consultation will help determine the best direction to take.

How does our time with Raising Fido Dog Training begin?

We believe in a personalized approach. That's why we arrange for an initial consultation, either online or in-person, during which we learn about your dog's personality, quirks, and habits. This allows us to compile a summary outlining the priorities and plan, which we will present to you in the days following.

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