Raise Fido The Right Way

With Rewards-Based Puppy Training in Calgary for Essential Life Skills

For puppies 16 weeks & under at the time of booking. Get help with safe puppy socialization and start training with the option of up to 12 different foundation skills.


Reinforce Positive Behaviours

New habits start forming the first day your new puppy comes home, and this developmentally critical time is done before you know it. Being proactive and efficient with your time and energy from day one will help Fido build good habits. Through Raising Fido Dog Training's puppy training programs, we'll start shaping your young pup's mind in ways that will safely decrease the likelihood of encountering challenging behaviours in adulthood. It's never too early to start!


Why Reward-Based Puppy Training Is Essential For Your New Best Friend

Builds Communication

& Trust

You and your puppy are just getting to know each other. By setting up an environment that encourages desirable behaviours and providing consistent feedback via rewards, your pup will feel safe and secure in their new home.

Establishes Healthy

Behaviour Development 

Fido will more easily figure out ways to get what they want when there is no use of any scary or painful tactics. This then primes them and keeps them excited to continue training and learning new skills as they grow.

Teaches Your

Puppy Life Skills

The first few months of puppyhood are incredibly important to their development and cultivating a trusting relationship with you. They are making up their minds during this time about what is safe and what is dangerous in their world.


Confidence & Sociability 

When we make good things happen around new people, places, objects, and other animals, we increase Fido's chances of liking all those things. Indifference is often a sign of insecurity, so we want your dog to love as many things as possible.