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Puppy Socialization

This training program is for puppies 16 weeks & under at the time of booking. What Fido experiences during the first 20 weeks of life will lay the foundation for their future behaviour. Raising Fido Dog Training provides safe, efficient, properly executed socialization experiences that can have a profound impact on the development of a desirable companion dog. This program is a must for the discerning puppy parent who desires a social, interactive, and relaxed adult dog who will be comfortable and friendly in a variety of situations.

It is the position of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour that the standard of care for puppies includes enjoyable exposure to as many new experiences, environments, people, objects, sounds, surfaces, and other animals as can be safely achieved regardless of whether or not they are fully vaccinated as the benefits outweigh the risks when done safely.

Puppy Socialization Program

Recommendations for the most suitable training program with all elements of your situation considered will be provided following the completion of our initial consultation.


Initial Consultations are 60-90 minutes in length and must be paid for in advance of the appointment. Once a recommended training program is established following the initial consultation a second invoice for the outstanding balance of your designated program will be sent. Prices listed include GST.

Payment plans are available. Please inquire if desired!


  • Complete assessment with you and baby Fido

  • Socialization instructions, demonstrations, and checklists

  • Information on rewards-based training methods

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Management strategies for inside and outside the home

  • Enrichment and exercise guidance

  • Training plans to follow for housetraining, body handling, mouthing, chewing, and kennel training 

  • Common behavior problem prevention exercises

  • New and safe socialization experience provided each session

  • Email support throughout the duration of program

1-2-1 Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Let's train Fido together.

Initial consult + 3 sessions = $525 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions = $790

Initial consult + 7 sessions = $1025

Initial consult + 9 sessions = $1250

*all prices include GST

Day Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Jodi trains and transfers to you.

Initial consult + 3 sessions + 1 transfer session = $660 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions + 1 transfer session = $920

Initial consult + 6 sessions + 2 transfer session = $1150

Initial consult + 8 sessions + 2 transfer session = $1375

*all prices include GST

Online Training Program Duration & Pricing:

Jodi coaches you and Fido virtually. 

Initial consult + 3 sessions = $485 (only option if already 16 weeks)

Initial consult + 5 sessions = $710

*all prices include GST

Add Husbandry Training

Nail Clipping - $125 (+gst)

Teeth Brushing - $125 (+gst)

Coat Brushing - $75 (+gst)

Vet Examination Handling - $125 (+gst)

Additional Dog Policy: Additional fee of $25 (+gst) per appointment applies for a second dog. Max 2 dogs per session with time split between the two if their training plans differ.


Travel Fee Policy: 60KM round trip from the community of Citadel in NW Calgary is included for all services; $0.50 cents (+gst) per kilometre driven in excess will apply each trip.

Please review our Terms & Conditions before booking.