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Quality Instruction From Leading Certified Dog Trainers in Calgary

We specialize in puppy and adolescent dog development. Our programs and activities are expertly designed to provide you and Fido with an unmatched level of support and confidence to help navigate these important life stages. We'll teach you how to motivate your dog using effective reward-based training principles to build behaviour you desire. 

Puppy Power

Dog Training That Gets Lasting Results

Our modern reward-based training programs help your pup develop lasting desirable habits in safe and encouraging set ups.


Backed by knowledge of the latest scientific findings, a world-class formal education, and credible certifications, Raising Fido provides specially designed training programs that help you help Fido to grow into the best version of themselves.


You'll experience the benefits that fear-free techniques offer including trust building, clearer communication, high motivation to train, increased confidence and sociability, all while establishing good habits for life.


Why Choose Reward-Based Training Methods?

Encourages Healthy

Behaviour Development 

By teaching key habits and behaviours early on you increase the likelihood of raising a well-adjusted and confident dog who loves going anywhere with you.


Fido is more likely to repeat a behaviour when they anticipate a pleasant outcome for themselves– whether you like that behaviour or not.

Reduces Problematic Behaviours 

Dogs enjoy it!

Decrease the risk of creating or exacerbating stress while increasing Fido's enthusiasm and joy for learning alongside you.



Socialization training with things they enjoy like food and play can help Fido feel optimistic and build confidence while experiencing new things and practicing interaction skills.

Builds A Trusting


Fido is more likely to feel safe around you since good things happen in your presence. This can help decrease the tendency to be afraid of novelty as they grow older.

Different Developmental Stages = Different Needs & Priorities 

puppy classes calgary


Age Range: 8 - 20 weeks

dog obedience classes calgary

Teen Dog

Age Range: 5 - 24 months

reactive dog training calgary

Adult Dog

Age Range: 2+ years

Leading Certified Dog Trainers in Calgary

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Leading Certified Dog Trainers

At Raising Fido, we believe science and facts are just as important as kindness and professionalism when it comes to dog training. 


This team always comes prepared to deliver an elevated experience. Backed by first-class education, years of hands-on mentored experience, and credible certifications.


The dog training industry is not regulated, so this means anyone can take your money in exchange for working with your dog in any way that they want. Our team believes you and your dog deserve better. Through our work we continuously strive to eliminate misinformation, confusion, and any outdated teachings that research has found can be harmful. 


Feel good about putting your trust in the hands of well-educated, experienced, and credentialed professionals.


An Elevated Dog Training Experience

dog trainers calgary



We lead with passion, commitment, and professionalism. We've done the work, allowing us to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you.



Each client and dog is unique, you won't find paint-by-numbers training here! We know how to apply the science of learning to our training practices, not just regurgitate information. 

puppy training calgary



Credible professionals who remain committed to their own continuous learning, mentorship, & development opportunities in order to bring the best to our clients.

dog obedience classes calgary

Experienced in

Proven Modern Methods

Studies show that aversive and force-based training can result in unwanted negative side effects. We are committed to using reward-based training methods that are safe for you and your dog.

puppy obedience classes

More Patience.
More Listening.
More Love.

Puppy training in Calgary shouldn't be a stressful process. With Raising Fido Canine Behaviour & Training, we offer dog training programs infused with kindness, applied knowledge, and professionalism. Our goal is to help you establish lifelong desirable behaviours and habits that allow your dog to confidently take on the world and you to have a happy reliable canine companion.

Client Testimonials

dog obedience classes calgary

I am very choosy about my dog's care, and I felt very confident leaving my 2 dogs in Jodi's capable hands for in-home dog-sitting. The dogs were happy and relaxed when we returned, and she kept us posted about their activities and behaviour. I especially appreciate her knowledge about dog behaviour and training, and know that we can trust her judgement relating to the dogs, which is super important to us.

Cheryl W.

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