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Dog Adoption


Be proactive & let us help get you ready for your new friend

We come to you! Get one-on-one attention and support as you embark on your journey to bring Fido home. You get to choose what types of preparation assistance you'd like from us. From help with determining which type of dog would be likely to fit well with your wants, needs, and lifestyle to accompanying you during the actual selection process, or advising on how to set up your specific home for success.


Click the sign up button below to book 2 hours of private consulting with a certified trainer to get you prepped!


$229 +GST


$179 +GST

Puppy training in Calgary

Why Hire Us In Advance?

This is arguably one of the most important decisions you'll make so it pays to consult with an educated  certified professional. We can help increase the chances compatibility and success while saving you time and money in the long run.

Incompatibility between a human and their dog can lead to stress and heartache for all involved. We want to do everything we can to prevent folks from having to make the excruciating decision to relinquish their dog down the line because it's just not working. Through this program we can have a positive effect on more dogs staying in their homes long-term and people being happy with their canine companion. 

The proactive approach to getting a dog starts with putting time, energy, and honest thought into determining what characteristics are likely to be well-matched to your household and lifestyle (current and future). As an experienced third-party we remain objective throughout the process to keep the focus on important stuff that's likely to matter to you when the chips are down. We know the right questions to ask a breeder or adoption agency - what is critical information and what is just noise.


Working with us for both selection assistance and home preparations can save you thousands in the long run by boosting the likelihood of finding the right dog for you and setting everyone up for a less stressful transition. 

1-1 Overview
Image by Filip Zrnzević

Meet with the Trainer either in person at our training centre, in your home, or virtually via video call, to gather detailed information about your household, lifestyle, routines, aspirations for Fido, likes/dislikes, as well as get to know the layout of your home.

Image by Filip Zrnzević

Your Trainer will give advice and make suggestions. Together you'll come up with a plan that’s right for you to start putting into action. Your Trainer can accompany you to meet and assess (the dog, the breeder, the dog's parents, the rescue, etc).

Image by Filip Zrnzević


You've selected your dog and they are coming home soon. Obtain all the supplies you'll need and ensure your house and everyone in it is ready and prepared based on the plan you put together with the Trainer. 

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Preparing for Fido

For puppies, adolescents, adults, & seniors

This program is designed for...

  • Pro-active people who have decided they want to get a dog and everyone in the household agrees

  • Those who want to increase their chances of long-term compatibility with the dog they choose

  • Folks who want assistance with locating an ethical reputable breeder or rescue organization


Consultation Overview

  • 2 hour meeting (in-home, in-centre, or virtually)

  • Complete needs and wants assessment

  • Recommendations, suggestions, and advice for dog selection and life/home preparation to promote smooth transition

  • Formulate a plan together

Meet & Greet Overview

  • 1 hour

  • Three options available:

    • Trainer meets you where dog is located*

    • Trainer arranges a meeting at a neutral place*

    • Trainer joins meeting virtually via video call 

* Travel fee and/or secure area rental fee may apply.


Let's prepare for Fido. 

You've Got Options!

2 hour Home Consultation $229 

Includes travel fee to client home up to 80KM roundtrip from trainer's home.

2 hour Virtual Consultation $179

Time can be split into two sessions such as before & after arrival home if desired.

+ 1 hour In-Person Meet & Greet $109

Optional add-on with virtual or home consultation.

Travel fee and/or secure area rental fee may apply.

+ 1 hour Virtual Meet & Greet $79

All prices subject to GST.

Be sure to review our Policies, and Terms & Conditions before booking.

Get Started!

Follow our guide below to set up your account and get booked in.

Once your account in Gingr is created this is now your portal for everything Raising Fido. 

It’s easy to cancel reservations, communicate directly with us, process secure payments, receive written training updated with photos or videos and more.

You can download Gingr for Pet Parents on your phone or tablet using invite code: 467221

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Rescue Dog Training

Let Us Help You Raise Fido Well

Dog Training in Calgary with Raising Fido is fun, safe, and flexible!

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