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Puppy training in Calgary

Develop Confidence & Resilience To Take On The World


A flexible socialization program for dogs aged 8 - 20 weeks that caters to you and your puppy's individual evolving needs. Choose from a selection of classes that best fit into your schedule and matches Fido with other similar puppies. You and your puppy will be set up to enjoy a best-in-class socialization experience with safety and support at the forefront. 

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*Reservations Required. Up to 20 Weeks of Age. One admittance per scheduled day.

Expiration dates apply - Click here to view policy details on our FAQ page

Puppy Socialization in Calgary

Experts Agree

It is the position of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour that the standard of care for puppies include enjoyable quality exposure to as many new experiences, environments, people, objects, sounds, surfaces, and other animals as can be safely achieved following their 1st vaccination set (position statement).

"Dogs attending either puppy socialization/training classes or puppy parties/socialization groups prior to 6 months of age had significantly lower total problem behavior scores. Puppy training classes with qualified professionals help to identify problematic behaviors in young dogs early, thereby allowing interventions to improve behaviors" (Dinwoodie et al., 2021).

Raising Fido Dog Training has designed a specialized program for people looking for credible guidance with puppy socialization in Calgary. Our program provides the ideal opportunity for your pup to learn with you, have positive experiences with novel stimuli, interact with new people, and develop their play skills with other puppies.

As experts in puppy behaviour and development, we know it can feel difficult to balance the need to keep your puppy safe from disease exposure with the need to "get them out there" during their socialization period. Let us help you safely navigate this time so that you and your puppy can experience the full benefits of a high-quality socialization training program.

Join Our Next Puppy Social!

Puppy Socials with Raising Fido Canine Behaviour & Training Centre are held in our controlled indoor space where cleanliness, sanitization, and disease control measures are a top priority. Classes are always led by a certified professional trainer because this is a critical development time for your puppy and you both deserve a truly competent trainer with a strong depth and breadth of knowledge and technical skill. 

Available several times a week with various times to choose from in order to provide an increased level of accessibility. The Puppy Socialization program is uniquely designed with a variety of factors including age, size, and personality in mind to provide the best environmental set up possible to help your puppy thrive.


Puppy Social

Small or Young

  • All puppies aged 8-12 weeks

  • Small breed puppies up to age 20 weeks (under 15 lbs)

  • Very shy puppies up to age 20 weeks (TBD by Trainer)

  • Limited to 10 puppies per session with reservation always required

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday

Puppy Social

Medium or Large

  • Medium/Large breed puppies aged 13-20 weeks

  • Very outgoing small breed puppies over 12 weeks (TBD by Trainer)

  • Limited to 10 puppies per session with reservation always required

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday



  • Learn about primary active socialization and how to do it well

  • Free play with narration by skilled certified professional trainer

  • Variety of basic puppy training topics discussed

  • Demonstrations and Q&As

  • Puppies experience novel sights, sounds, objects, & surfaces with you

  • Includes a take home socialization checklist for puppies

  • Trainer may make individual changes such as switching a puppy to the other class or another training option.

Please note that all puppies must be deemed in good health by a veterinarian and at minimum have received their first round of core vaccines (DHPP) and deworming. 

Be sure to review our Policies, and Terms & Conditions before booking.

Puppy Social Options
Puppy Socia 1-2-3

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Once your account in Gingr is created this is now your portal for everything Raising Fido. 

It’s easy to book your pup in for courses, make or cancel reservations, communicate directly with us, process secure payments, receive written report cards with photos or videos and more.

You can download Gingr for Pet Parents on your phone or tablet using invite code: 467221


A Quality Puppy Socialization Program
Backed By Science

"Attendance at puppy class reduced risk of aggression to unfamiliar people both in and out of the house."

(Casey et al 2013)

"Puppy socialization practices play a large role in the development of well-adjusted adult dogs that are likely to display few undesirable behaviours, and which can establish a positive, lifelong relationship with their owner."

(Howell, King, and Bennett 2015)

"Negative or traumatic experiences and/or lack of stimuli in early development may have negative long-term consequences on health

and behaviour."

(Dietz et. al 2018)

Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socials at Raising Fido Canine Behaviour & Training Centre are led by an experienced and formally educated certified professional dog trainer. Puppy raising is a fun experience, but can also be quite stressful at times. Safe, quality-focused puppy socialization is likely to have a significant positive impact on the future behaviour and personality of your new dog. 

Come and benefit from the years of world class training and first hand experience with puppy development that we offer. We are always transparent in our training methodologies, our values, and credentials because in an unregulated industry where anyone can market themselves as a dog trainer this is extremely important. When you're looking for a trainer to work with, don't just look for a high level of competence, but also if their values align with yours.


Register today for our next Puppy Social to get started on an enriching and rewarding journey with your dog that you can feel good about - Fido will thank you!

Puppy training in Calgary

Let Us Help You Raise Fido Well

Puppy Socialization in Calgary with Raising Fido is fun, safe, and affordable!

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