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1- ON -1 

Dedicated individualized training, coaching, and support

Get one-on-one attention and a customized holistic training program designed specifically around the needs and wants of both you and your dog. A certified professional trainer will show you how to implement the training plans in daily life and works with you on perfecting your own training mechanics to help speed up progress. This program is a great option for taking a proactive approach with your new puppy, or achieving any training goals with your teen or adult. It is especially suited for clients who are experiencing common or complex behaviour issues with their dog. 


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INITIAL CONSULT* (up to 90 min)

Virtual $17+GST

In-Home $229 +GST



Virtual $139 +GST

In-Home/Mobile $189 +GST

**Price per hour decreases based on volume purchased. Training Session expiration dates applyTravel fees are included for all mobile/in-home appointments within range - click here to view policy on FAQ page.

Benefits of Private Training


Unlike group classes where there is a pre-determined curriculum, private training allows the flexibility and freedom to work on as much or as little as you'd like with your individual priorities being the goal. Private training is suitable for all dogs, for any reason, whereas group classes are not always the best choice for every dog or person to be able to get the most out of a training session. 

Low Distraction

Contrary to what you may hear, it's best to start training new skills and behaviours in a very low distraction environment to give you and your dog the best chance of achieving the first level of learning - acquisition - faster. In group classes, whether it's another person or dog distracting you, or the other way around, private training removes this frustration entirely. Starting in a low distraction setting allows you and Fido to focus so that progress can be made rapidly by having installed a solid response with the new behaviour(s) being taught before moving training into more challenging contexts.


Pace is determined by you and your dog alone. If your dog needs more time, or needs smaller incremental steps with a more difficult behaviour, that's what we do! If you want to schedule a training session twice a week, once a week, or once every two weeks - the choice is yours. As long as you are practicing outside of training sessions based on the trainer's recommendations, the flexibility private training provides can't be beat. 

"Tech" Support

Private training programs include phone, email, or video support throughout the duration of your program and for up to 60 days following for questions relating to the topics covered by your training program.

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An initial assessment is completed either in person at our training centre, or virtually, to gather detailed information about the current situation, lifestyle, aspirations for Fido and ensure our compatibility.

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Together we’ll come up with a plan that’s right for you! Our in-depth discussion will allow us to determine goals and the strategies we will use, align expectations, establish the time investment, frequency and most efficient format for training delivery.

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Start your program!


Step by step, we will work toward established goals. We'll troubleshoot any issues that arise, make adjustments as needed, and sharpen your overall training skills.


Be sure to review our Policies, and Terms & Conditions before booking.

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One - on - One

For puppies, adolescents, adults, & seniors

This program is designed for...

  • Dogs of any age and temperament.

  • Customized individual counselling and coaching. 

  • A certified professional trainer working privately with you and your dog.


Initial Consultation Overview

  • Up to 90-min appointment with you and Fido

  • Complete wants and needs assessment.

  • Establish priorities, achievable training goals, and determine management strategies to implement.

  • Provide explanations, recommendations, demonstrations, counselling.

  • Recording of our appointment and helpful handouts or links for you to reference anytime.

  • Written follow up summary and proposal for your custom training program.

Training Sessions Overview

  • Reward-based training methods.

  • Gear/equipment set up.

  • Implement targeted management strategies for inside and outside the house.

  • Build your dog's skills and confidence.

  • Learn how to train new behaviours.

  • Coaching to sharpen your training mechanics.

  • Explanations, demonstrations, suggestions, counselling, and trouble-shooting.

  • Exercise and enrichment.

  • Reference materials & video recordings.

  • Email, phone, or video consult support throughout.

1-1 Overview

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It’s easy to cancel reservations, communicate directly with us, process secure payments, receive written training updates with photos or videos and more.

You can download Gingr for Pet Parents on your phone or tablet using invite code: 467221

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Let Us Help You Raise Fido Well

Dog Training in Calgary with Raising Fido is fun, safe, and flexible!

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