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Dog Obedience Training in Calgary


Level Up & Start Building Behaviours That You Desire

Start your journey with a completely reward-based training program for dogs 2+ years old. Learn how to sustainably cultivate good habits and bring out the best in your dog while having fun and strengthening your relationship.  Work one-on-one with a trainer for three private sessions, and transition into the group class format of Life Skills Level 2 and Level 3. 

Click the sign up button below to make an account on our Client Portal and find a time that works to kick off your Life Skills journey. 

$387 +GST


$149 +GST



LEVEL 2 + 3

monthly subscription**

3 x 60 min session

*Must have completed level 1 or equivalent private training. Reservation is required each class in order to attend.

**Expiration dates apply - Click here to view policy details on our FAQ page

Dog Training Classes in Calgary

The Learning Process

Training is learning and learning is life-long. Our programs are constructed to align with the 4 stages of the learning process: acquisition, fluency, maintenance, and generalization. 


Can do the skill when prompted, but not always fast or accurate. The goal is improved accuracy of the right response. 


Does the skill accurately when prompted, but thinks slowly and gets confused with other skills. The goal is increased speed of the right response. 


Does the skill accurately and quickly when prompted, but only in certain setting. The goal is speed and accuracy of response in range of contexts. 


Near perfected ability to complete the skill when prompted whenever and wherever. Since nothing is ever 100% guaranteed with behaviour the goal is to keep practicing to strongly retain the skill.

Following this learning process produces strong skill development and so is applied by educated and skilled animal trainers world-wide. Our Life Skills Program is intentionally divided into three learning stages identified by levels in order to set you and your dog up for life-long learning success!

How Program Levels Work


   Life Skills Level 1   

+ Focuses on the acquisition of a selection of essential skills.

+ Work one-on-one with a trainer

   Life Skills Level 2   

+ Focuses on building fluency of those newly acquired skills plus cue discrimination.
+ Classes at this level are not age specific - mixed teens & adults.


   Life Skills Level 3   

+ Focuses on generalization of the previously acquired core skills.
+ Classes at this level are not age specific - mixed teens & adults.


Life Skills Level 1


  • Best for socialized dogs 2+ years old at start date

  • 3 x 60 minute private training sessions with a certified trainer



  • Sessions booked based on mutually agreed upon time based on trainer and client availability

  • Required orientation attendance prior to starting first session

  • Work toward completing first stage of the learning process for the following skills: attention, touch, sit, down, recall, leave it, drop it, leash walking, stay, wait, greetings, body handling

  • Management strategies for training success

  • Written resource guides on hot topics for adult dogs

  • Easy to follow written homework guide to aid practice

  • Trainer may recommend additional private sessions if necessary before transitioning into Level 2 group classes to ensure success.

Please note that the Life Skills Program for teens and adults is not for dogs struggling with fear-based reactivity toward people or dogs, or has an injurious bite history with medical treatment required.  
If this sounds like your dog please visit our
Fear & Aggression page; if unsure please email us directly.

Image by Tamas Pap

Get the most out of your training investment by signing up for multiple courses with a training bundle & save!

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Adult LS Overview

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Adult LS 1-2-3

Essential Life Skills Training

We know that an overwhelming experience is not conducive for learning and so we do not practice or support the "sink or swim" approach to training. The Life Skills program focuses on providing an environment where new learning challenges are presented in fun achievable steps. Classes are designed to build confidence and connection between handlers and their dog in a group class setting while acquiring behaviour skills that for many dogs are seen as essential in order to thrive in a busy urban city. 


Any age is a good age to start training together! Every learner differs in terms of the skills that come more easily to them and those that end up requiring more effort. And just as there are half steps and modifications when practicing Yoga for example - our program is similarly constructed so that we are able to efficiently overcome roadblocks to maintain motivation on both ends of the leash! Class participant maximums are deliberately kept low to better allow for individual attention in class so that the trainer can best meet each unique learner's specific needs.

Dog Classes in Calgary

Let Us Help You Raise Fido Well

Dog Training Classes in Calgary at Raising Fido is fun, safe, and flexible!

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